Lead Agency: What it Can Do For Your Family

Any developer considering building or purchasing property in a certain community or region should make sure that the proposed project complies with the requirements of the community’s lead agency. In some areas, the agency may be designated by the state’s Department of Health as an Office of Special Assessments or Office of Lead Hazard Control. In most cases, this office is the same department that enforces compliance with SEPA requirements and provides inspections. Read More exclusiveleadsagency.com

Under SEPA, all new projects are evaluated by a designated lead agency. While this may usually be a local government agency, some agencies such as school and port departments and state agencies can also be a part of the lead SEPA agency. The lead agency will make sure that the project is safe for children and adults, while also being effective in reducing or eliminating the dangers of lead exposure.

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Lead is a naturally occurring metal. It is present in soil, water, and air. As it becomes exposed to sunlight, it becomes airborne and settles on surfaces, sometimes even on your hands. When ingested by the body, it travels through the bloodstream and can be stored in soft tissues, like the brain. Exposure to lead can cause many health problems.


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